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Gibby Dallas Great performance, great story.
dondon ny there's no question you would be in the tournament if they had one. there would be a coup if they didn't invite the record holder!
Stubbsy Fw,Tx Hilarious, LOB
Ennis Los Angeles I'd like to hear your Friend or Foe story, but I don't know if I have six hours to read it, lol. To be honest, it's an awesome tale and I've read it five times already.
JEN CHICAGO So what did you do w/ the money?? Or would that take another 3 chapters to explain? :)))
boPPy silly-con valley-ish lobrob you made that game actually watchable! glad to see someone on that show who actually knows how to play the game!
Ernie Richmond VA Wow, that's a hell of a story dude! You got to live out your lifelong dream AND get paid for it! That's so awesome! You're like my new hero, man! Congratulations on everything!
Chris San Francisco, Ca Thanks so much sharing your experience. I watch Lingo every day (and I did see your episode last week!) and it was fantastic reading the behind the scenes scoop. Now I wish I could see your episode again knowing what I know now about it!
Reply from Robert Incidentally, they're up on YouTube, if you do a search for the words Robert and Lingo ;)
SkipCollier HoustonTx That was, uh, a strange but very entertaining read, pal. Lots and lots and lots of details.
jess la i was a contestant on lingo and i was wierded out by that shower, too! good story, brought back some memories lol
Per Stockholm They will be inviting past contestants back to play against online winners. I would not worry, they know who performed well and they will be calling you.
The David Ny Ny Others may find you deranged, but as a long time fan of The Chuck, I can appreciate the hi-hat, let me tell you.
Chromeo Arlington Tx You crazy, lob
Marie Dallas Our family was very entertained watching you and Heather going nuts on screen. Please let us know if you will be going back on!
Melf Minneapolis MN I love your gameshow stories. F* swishing!